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(Poll) Conceptual Staff Apps on Google Forms

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(READ BELOW BEFORE VOTING) What's your opinion on how we manage Staff Applications?

Google Forms sounds like a good alternative.
1 (20%)
The DS Forums application system is adequate alone.
2 (40%)
Both should remain as viable options for applicants.
2 (40%)

Total Members Voted: 5

Voting closed: January 01, 2020, 12:49:37 PM

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on: December 02, 2019, 12:49:37 PM

This poll is set to run for 30 days. NOTE: This poll is entirely opinionated and does NOT determine how we will run our application system. I alone created this poll to attempt to accumulate feedback upon my curiosity on how the community and staff alike appreciates our application system. I'm really interested to see what people prefer.

Context: Our longest running system is here on the forums, and calls for a community vote on any applicant with over 25 hours and their eligibility for staff. As you may know, this is a polled system and all of these applications are public. After a duration of seven days, with at least a 75% acceptance requirement, the applicant is promoted to Moderator, and so on and so forth.

Recently, with the help of Bryant, I structured a Google Forms variant of the application. It retains the essential rules(25 hours, phone num, etc), but has some key differences. For instance:
- All responses are privatized.
- The community does not take part in the vote.
- Votes are also private, and staff/management reliant only.
- There is no time constraint.

This alternative system allows people to say whatever they feel is necessary to complete their app under the condition that the conclusion is made by staff/management alone. This will function as a relatively quick-and-easy application form for people who prefer to either privatize their information and reasoning, or are unable/unwilling to make a community poll on the forums.
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