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Origin of In Game Names

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This forum is one of the few places I haven't adjusted it, and I don't know when I will change it.


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Okay, so this will be my first post and also the only time ill probably use the forums, but this is a long story so if you skip this, perfectly fine. anyway, My original name use to be Phoenixrisingashes, This was cause of my name, Phoenix, which is a name referring to a legend about a bird who before it dies, sets itself on fire and its ashes reform into a new baby phoenix. The story of why I have this name is family related so I shall not say why. Anyway, I use to change my name  a lot and eventually, on one humble day in late 2017, I decided that I should finally change my name, I was into TF2 at the time and I wanted my name to show that I was a Sh*tty scout main, since I mained scout at the time, I didn't want something like "SC*nt" so I decided the best one close to it, "Scat." And so my current nick name was born. Eventually, after a couple month's I realized the true meaning of it, didn't really care and left it that way, but eventually I wanted my name to be more original, since I looked up "scat" on steam and got over 100 pages of results. So I  decided to shed my old name, and get something more original, and decided on "Scattergrunt", Representing my old name, (SCATtergrunt), and also points out the fact that I'm kind of a jackass (that's where grunt comes from), also it represents my main in TF2. Shortly after I got burnt out on TF2 and started playing Garry's Mod 24/7. I don't regret it very much.

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