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Welcome to Darkstorm Servers!

About us!

Darkstorm Servers is a community founded in 2014 by our owner/founder Bryantdl7. Over the years, we have grown in amount of staff members, active players, etc. We strive every day to provide the best server experience possible. Our professional staff team is always available to help by clicking on the "Contact Us" button at the top or by adding us on Steam!

Our forums are hosted by Nuclear Fallout (NFO) and our forum system is the Simple Machines Foums. The official credits behind the forums system can be found by clicking here (https://forums.darkstormservers.com/index.php?action=credits).

The forums is maintained by the Darkstorm Servers staff team and developers. The current theme is Blackened created by Mick. G! The theme has been edited by Linkjay and Zafiro for Darkstorm Servers!

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